Sukhdarshanpur Cattle Pound Project in Panchkula Stopped Due to Shortage of Technical Staff in Municipal Corporation


Cattle pound project in Panchkula has been stopped due to shortage of technical staff in the municipal corporation.

The project was to be constructed in Sukhdarshanpur village, and local public had pinned a lot of hope on this project.

“The shortage of senior technical hands makes it hard for us to carry on with major projects. You need senior technical experts to check the quality of construction. A lapse at this stage can cause a major problem in the future.” Municipal commissioner Rajesh Jogpal told TOI.

Currently, the Municipal Corporation in Panchkula has only one superintending engineer. Moreover, just one post of executive engineer is occupied out of three posts.

According to the municipal commissioner, the reason for stopping the project has been conveyed to the urban local bodies department. The city is now hiring two retired technical experts from Chandigarh on contract to meet small requirements but, for major projects, it needs a regular employee.

The deadline of this project is early 2019.

Earlier in August, the municipal corporation wrote to the deputy commissioner (DC) that it can’t catch any more roaming cows and buffaloes until it has space to keep them. In this one-page letter, municipal commissioner Rajesh Jogpal has stated that the MC has tried its best to rid Panchkula of stray cattle and now its pounds are packed.

“When the managers of these pounds have submitted in written to the MC that they can’t accommodate more animals, there’s no point catching more cattle.” Deputy commissioner Mukul Kumar said at that time.

“I will talk to the additional DC, who is nodal officer for stray-cattle-free campaign. An alternative solution to the cattle menace should be found.”