People urinating in public places in Haridwar will face a fine of Rs 5,000

People found urinating or defecating in public places in the city of Haridwar will now face a fine of Rs 5,000.

Deepak Rawat, the district magistrate (DM) of the city has ordered local authorities to penalize offenders with Rs 5,000 fine.  DM issued directions for officials of various departments including police, health department, local bodies, village panchayats, etc, to punish such people under the Uttarakhand Anti-Littering and Anti-Spitting Act.

The Uttarakhand Anti-Littering and Anti-Spitting Act was passed by the state assembly on November 30, 2016, and prohibits people from spitting and littering in open. Acts like urinating and defecating in public places will also be considered as an offence under section 9 of the Act.

As per DM orders, officials will send photos and other details of the offenders who refuse to pay fines to the collectorate. The process will then be started to recover the fines from the defaulters. The concerned departments will also send monthly report to DM about the number of people fined for such offenses.

The DM has also directed officials to ensure cleanliness of the toilets in their premises and proper availability of water.

A few days back, a junior engineer working in Roorkee was fined Rs 5,000 after he was found urinating near a wall of the district collectorate campus. The DM had ordered to deduct the amount of fine from engineer’s salary. A villager of Khanjarpur in Roorkee was also penalized for a similar offence.