Massachusetts Police is providing extra patrols around the home of $758.7 million Powerball winner

Chicopee Police has said that they are providing extra patrols and checks around the home of Ms Mavis Wanczyk, the recent winner of $758.7 million Powerball prize.

On Thursday, Ms Wanczyk was announced the winner of the biggest undivided lottery jackpot in U.S. history. Before winning the lottery, Wanczyk was working in a hospital, but immediately resigned from her job after learning that she has won the jackpot. Ms Wanczyk lives in Chicopee town in western Massachusetts.

Officer Michael Wilk, a spokesman for Chicopee Police, said police is keeping an extra eye out to ensure safety of Ms Wanczyk. Wilk said police is there to keep unwanted people away from Ms Wanczyk. Officers have also advised neighbors to call the police in case they observe any suspicious activity in their locality.

According to Wilk, neighbors had informed police that some people, other than reporters, had been looking for Ms Wanczyk. They were knocking on doors and trying to enquire about the whereabouts of Ms Wanczyk.

Ms Wanczyk has two children—a son and a daughter. Her ex-husband, William Wanczyck, was killed in November 2016 in an accident at a bus stop in Amherst, Massachusetts. William was sitting at the bus stop when a pickup truck hit the shelter hard. The damaged truck was later found nearby. Investigations revealed that a lorry was seen speeding on the road before it hit the bus shelter. Police arrested Peter Sheremeta of Belchertown in connection with this accident. In June this year, he was framed with charges of motor vehicle homicide, manslaughter, and drunken driving.

Mr William Wanczyck was a retired firefighter. He had served Northampton firefighting department in 1980s before getting injured during his duty. At the time of Sheremeta’s arraignment, Ms Wanczyk’s daughter Marlee had said that her father always loved playing practical jokes. William Wanczyk and Mavis had divorced in 2012.

According to lottery officials, Wanczyk won $758.7 million, but she got only $480 million ($336 million after taxes) as she opted to take a lump sum amount. After winning such a huge amount of money, Mavis Wanczyk is now in a position to offer her children a life full of luxuries and comforts.

People also have all sorts of advices for Wanczyk. According to some financial experts, there are a variety of options for Wanczyk to put her money in, and the most important aspect is diversification in her investment so that the money grows forever and lasts forever.