London’s Natural History Museum is Thankful to a 10-year-old Boy for Finding Mistake in Dinosaur Labeling

A 10-year-old boy named Charlie Edwards recently spotted a dinosaur-labelling error in the Natural History Museum. He then told Museum staff about the mistake and helped them to correct it.

According to Charlie, he was exploring the Dino Snores exhibit in the museum when he saw a sign displaying an egg and a full dinosaur, claimed to be an Oviraptor. Charlie however noticed that the dinosaur actually looked like an early dinosaur from the Triceratops family. Charlie told his mother, Jade Edwards, about the mistake.

“I found a side-by-side comparison to the dinosaur, and I saw it said Oviraptor, but then the shape of the dinosaur was wrong and we told a member of staff,”Charlie told the BBC.

His mother said: “When he told us, we said, ‘OK, we know you’re good, but this is the Natural History Museum.

The boy then asked her mother to give him the phone, and started searching about the dinosaur on google. The results displayed by google showed a different shaped dinosaur.

“It turned out Charlie was right,” his mother said.

Then they informed the museum staff about the error.  After a few days, Charlie received a letter from the museum.

[Image Source: BBC]

“I am writing to thank you for getting in touch with us to point out an error you spotted in our dinosaurs gallery when you visited us for the Dino Snores event in July,” the letter read.

The letter stated that Charlie was right about the error as the label was not showing “correct silhouette for Oviraptor.” The Museum officials said that the label will soon be updated.

According to Jade, Charlie has a keen interest in palaeontology. Since the age of three, he has been reading encyclopedias. Charlie also suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, and if he likes a subject, he tries to get detailed information about it.