Japanese Application Developer Makes His Face ‘Invisible’ Using the iPhone X

[Image Credit: Pixabay]


Japanese application developer Kazuya Noshiro has developed a program for the iPhone X, through which the face becomes transparent and disguises as surrounding objects.

Noshiro published in his Twitter account the preview of the application he is currently working on. With this application, a user can create a mask that adapts the user’s face image to the surrounding objects, as if the user has become transparent or invisible.

The inventor called the new function “optical camouflage.”

The ten-second video, published by Noshiro for clarity, produces a slightly eerie impression. He moves his head in front of the camera, while his face seems invisible, only eyes, mouth and hair remain in place.

Web users were skeptical about the design and suggested that the Japanese took a picture of the room beforehand, and then used these frames to get the “transparency” effect. On the request to disclose the secret of the filter Noshiro responded with a refusal. According to him, this function will be required to create a game based on Augmented Reality technology.

iPhone X went on sale on November 3, 2017. Users have repeatedly reported about the defects of the smartphone. There were complaints about mysterious strips on the device’s screen, clicks when compressing the case, as well as rebooting of the gadget immediately after turning it on.