Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 Free Download and Spoilers

The Episode 1 of The Game of Thrones Season 7 will be aired on July 16 in the US, and the lover of this TV series are now trying to imaging what would be coming on the first episode.

Daenerys – The last we saw her, she was at sea, and some photos already show that she makes it to Dragonstone within the episode. Give us a good introduction with her there, but don’t wait too long on the meeting between her and Euron Greyjoy. This is what we know for sure to be coming, and with season 7 being so short, there isn’t a whole lot of time for dawdling around with the story.


The North – Jon should be getting accustomed to his new title of King of the North, and with that, he should also be prepared to determine who he wants to advise him. Is this a worthy position for Sansa? Can she be a good source of advice and information? We do think that she’s been through enough that it’s possible. The biggest thing that Jon needs is someone who is a strategist, and can come up with plans. He’s a great person to execute ideas, but he’s not as great at the idea part of them.

King’s Landing – This should be a story of regrouping, and for Cersei, a story about finding out who some of her allies are. We know that she is not the most favored person within the city, so we imagine there being some divided reactions and anger towards her being on the show. Play that up, and remind us further where Cersei is now: Cold, isolated, and feeling like she has nothing else other than ruling.

Brienne – More scenes with her and Tormund! That is, for now, one of the only things that we ask.

Arya – The sooner that she can get back to her siblings, the better off that it will be for everyone given that the time seems right to get them all back in the same pace again. The same goes for Bran, who is on a journey to find his own way back after spending some time with the Children honing some of his abilities.

The only thing that we don’t want to see in the premiere is Daenerys making it to King’s Landing already. Her doing so would effectively mean that we are flashing forward through way too much other stuff with the show.