Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 Leaked Scripts & Spoilers

The first episode of the long-awaited Game of Thrones Season 7 will arrive on 16 July in the US, and this year, GoT S7 will be just seven episodes long, instead of the usual ten episodes.

For lovers of this great TV series, there are several ways to watch it live or stream it back.

US fans can watch the Game of Thrones Season 7 on the HBO cable channel as always. HBO subscribers can also sign into the GO service in a mobile/desktop browser or activate it on your connected TV or gaming console and stream it live there. For UK viewers, Sky’s NOWTV will air the show, simulcasting episodes at 2am.

Although Game of Thrones Season 7 may be premiering on Sunday, its fans can’t wait that long to get hints about what’s going to happen this season. Here are some of the biggest leaks released so far about the GOT S7.

According to, one of the biggest sources of Game of Thrones leaks is r/freefolk on Reddit. For a few months, users have been sharing leaked scripts, with other readers giving them a tough time and thinking the scripts weren’t authentic. But since the limited premiere viewing last night, it looks like some of those scripts might be a lot more authentic than people thought. The premiere, coupled with trailers and set pictures that had previously matched some of the leaked scenes, are confirming the leaks’ authenticity.

Redditor KaySen762 has been keeping a website with updated script leaks, as shared by u/awayforthelads.

Comments shared by media who saw the premiere last night are confirming that these scripts are, at least partially, authentic.

At least one of the leaks was confirmed from a story in The Telegraph. The article states that the opening scene, before the credits, drew a huge crowd reaction.

“The first minute seemed an unusually slow start – a large gathering on screen, but not one heavy with tension or intrigue, a notorious plotter addressing his followers. Then, a shift in tone, and a swift massacre – without actual violence – and a dramatic unveiling prompting wild applause and gleeful cheers.”

In addition, an article in GQ Magazine confirmed that a leak about the last line in episode 1 was also correct.

“As a major cast member says in the final line of episode one: “Shall we begin?””

A story by The New York Times also confirmed another leak.

“The theme of revenge is set early in the new episode, titled “Dragonstone,” as one character warns “if one wolf survives, the sheep are never safe.”