Chinese Government Advises Parents To ‘Better Educate’ Children After A Video Showed A Boy Peeing Inside An Elevator

[Image: Pixabay]

The video of a young Chinese boy urinating inside an elevator has forced China’s Ministry of Public Security to issue an advisory for the parents. In this advisory, the ministry has requested parents to better educate their children and also take good care of them.

“Please educate, and take good care of your children!” the Ministry said.

On Sunday, an unusual footage of a surveillance camera installed inside an elevator was shared on Chinese social media platform Weibo. The video showed a young boy urinating on the control panel of the elevator. According to the BBC, the elevator broke down quickly after the boy finished urinated on its control buttons. The result the boy was trapped inside the elevator.

Many people who saw this video on Weibo described the boy getting trapping inside the elevator as a dose of instant karma.

The footage shows the boy standing alone inside a lift. Realizing there is no one inside the lift to watch his act, he unzips his fly and starts peeing inside the elevator. Surprisingly, he purposely aims at the control buttons of the elevator. After finishing his bizarre stunt, he zips up and waits for the doors to open. Initially, the doors appear to open, but unfortunately the system fails (with pee seeping into the electronics of the control panel) and the doors get closed again.

The boy feels panicked and attempts to press a button to open the doors, but quickly he remembers the stunt he had performed moments before, and therefore pulls his hand away immediately. Out of the blue, the lights in the lift start flickering while the doors stay closed. Finally, the lift plunges in complete darkness.

According to the South China Morning Post, the incident happened in an apartment complex in Chongqing city on Friday, February 23. The boy was eventually freed from the elevator by apartment’s maintenance staff.

This video, after appearing on Chinese social media, has ignited hundreds of reactions from the netizens. Many people blamed the boy’s family for his uncivilized act.

“His parents should be ashamed of how they educated him,” one user wrote on Weibo.

“It’s a wonder he didn’t get shocked,” noted another user.

Stories of “little brats” showing spoilt behavior often make the news in China. In general, the “Little Emperor Syndrome” is held responsible for such behavior. In China, “one family one child” policy means children get excessive attention in the family, which eventually leads to “brattish” behavior in children.

Some Weibo users were able to find a funny angle in the incident.

“Don’t take this too seriously, he’s just a kid,” one user said.

Some also found it “admirable” that the child was able to urinate “so high”.