Chandigarh Government Schools to Provide Parking Facility in Festive Season


Twenty-four government schools in Chandigarh will provide parking space to public in the wake of the festival rush during the upcoming fortnight. The campus of these schools will remain open in the evening to accommodate vehicles. Two open spaces and a college have also been designated as a parking space, and will be open from 3pm till 10 pm until Diwali, that is November 7.

The senior superintendent of police (SSP) traffic Shashank Anand wrote to the Chandigarh Beopar Mandal (CBM) to regulate the traffic, according to HT. The development comes after mayor Davesh Moudgil had issued instructions to open up community centres for free parking during the festival season. Shopkeepers have been advised to park their vehicles on the rear side of their shops, and avoid the front.

“The provisions are sufficient to ease the flow of traffic.” Charanjiv Singh, chairman of CBM, said.

“The community centres are opened up every year, and the schools will also help with the parking, which becomes an issue for four to five days before Diwali.”

Singh said he will meet the SSP over allowing some of the traffic police personnel to guide commuters to these alternative parking sites.

Subhash Narang, president of Traders Association, Chandigarh, said: “Over the years, the incidents of accidents and mishaps due to overcrowding have increased. More provisions need to be taken, and an ambulance in every market is a must.”

According to TribuneIndia, the institutions where parking will be allowed include the GMSSS, Sector 8-B, GMSSS, Sector 15-C, GMSSS, Sector 22-A, GMHS, Sector 22-C, the small park in front of the government school at Sector 22-A, GGMSSS, Sector 18-D, GHS, Sector 19-D, GMSSS, Sector 19-C, GGMSSS, Sector 20-B, GMSSS, Sector 20-D, GMHS, Sector 20-D, GMSSS, Mani Majra, GMHS (near the bus stand) and GMHS, Mani Majra, GMSSS, Sector 32-C, GMHS, Sector 34-C, the open space near Sanjay Public School, Sector 44, GMSSS, Sector 44, PGGC, Sector 46, GMSSS, Sector 46-D, GMSSS, Sector 35-D, GMHS, Sector 35-C, GMHS, Sector 37-C, GMHS, Sector 38-D, GMHS, Sector 40-A, GMHS, Sector 40-B, and the GMHS, Sector 41-D.