Chaita Ki Chaitwal Becomes the Most Popular Garhwali Song on Youtube

[Image: YouTube Screenshot]

“Chaita ki Chaitwal” is now the most popular Garhwali/Uttarakhandi song on Youtube. The song has now got 5 million (50 Lakh) hits on Youtube website, surpassing Kishan Mahipal’s “Fyonladia” song that has 4.9 million hits on Youtube.

“Chaita ki Chaitwal” has been sung by Amit Sagar, and music is given by Gunjan Dangwal. The song is based on Late Chandra Singh Rahi’s “Anchari Jagar”, but Amit Sagar presented it with a new flavor and style. The song became highly popular among Garhwali people since its launching. It is now being played in almost all marriage parties and other cultural functions in the state of Uttarakhand.

For the past few days, Kishan Mahipal’s “Fyonladia” and Amit Sagar’s “Chaita ki Chaitwali” were giving tough fight to each other on Youtube. By 21st December, “Chaita ki Chaitwali” had received 4 million views on YouTube, while Fyonladia had a total of 4.3 million views on the video sharing site. In the past 10 days, “Chaita ki Chaitwali” received 1 million more views on Youtube, while “Fyonladia” got 0.6 million views in that period. So “Chaita ki Chaitwali” became the first Uttarakhandi song to hit 5 million marks on Youtube.

Amit Sagar has thanked his fans and the people of Uttarakhand for loving this song so much. He said people have highly loved this song, and he will continue to do experiments with folk songs to present them with a new flavor for the people of this charming hilly state.