LG G6 to Feature New UX 6.0 Mobile User Interface and Square Camera Mode

The forthcoming flagship LG G6 smartphone that is expected to be unveiled later this month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain will feature a new UX 6.0 mobile user interface, according to its maker.

The new user interface, based on Google’s Android OS, will offer a new Square Camera mode that splits the screen into two, allowing users to capture photos and review them (or upload then on social media) side by side.  The 5.7-inch display of LG G6 will offer 18:9 aspect ratio Full Vision display. Users of this device will be able to shoot in 1:1 mode which is among the most commonly used format on social media apps. Address book, calendar, music player, and call menu will all use the 1:1 Square GUI. Users will be able to do multitasking, such as loading calendar on the left while working on documents on the right.

According to LG, the new interface UX 6.0 has designed to offer LG’s new FullVision display. Moreover, the new interface offers better search and multimedia viewing. Users will be able to view new games, apps, and movies optimized for 18:9 ratio. The 16:9 ratio content will be altered to fit the new screen. The wider viewing angle will allow more information to be loaded on-screen during searches and e-book reading. The new “food mode” feature will allow increasing color saturation of food, and make images of food look better. Users will also be able to make GIF videos by grouping between two and 100 photos together in the gallery.

“LG G6 will feature a 5.7-inch QHD+ FullVision display (2,880 x 1,440) with an 18:9 screen aspect ratio that almost entirely fills the front of the smartphone. The dimensions of the phone are ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort and compatibility with existing and upcoming digital content,” LG revealed.

“The LG G6 takes advantage of the expansive 18:9 display in many ways. Open a call reception window next to the calendar app or the photo gallery at the same time as the message app,” LG said.

“Multiple square photographs can be connected together and viewed as a Collage Wallpaper on the lock screen. Type a memo on one side while surfing the web on the other. Inside the calendar app, turning the G6 horizontally will display the calendar in the left window while a detailed schedule will appear on the right. The combinations are endless.”

“The LG G6 with FullVision was inspired by the philosophy of experts in the movie industry who believe that an 18:9 ratio screen would be the best solution for viewing both old and new cinematic content in the digital age,” said Juno Cho, president of the LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company.

“We’ve not only embraced that philosophy in our newest smartphone but taken it to a whole new level by incorporating the 18:9 format in many other ways. I think users will appreciate the many ways we’ve made the LG G6 more productive.”

G6 will be equipped with a new Quad DAC with improved sound. According to some reports, LG G6 may feature a waterproof design with up to IP68 rating, and no removable battery.

There is no official information from LG about when the G6 will go on sale. Some reports however claimed that the phone will go on sale on March 9, while the carriers in the U.S. will start selling the device on April 7.

The new interface of LG G6 can be previewed in this brief video released by the company.